About Me

“Living my authenticity in truth and purity”

Through many years of intense transformative passage and shifting through a higher wisdom, I feel so free now. As I continue walking my path of spiritual mastery and liberation, I wish to share my soul gifts with humanity and the world through my presence, my work and my beingness.

“We are meant to live in joy and love, with wholeness and bliss
We are meant to play our roles naturally, easily and beautifully
We are meant to be free”



My Path

Born in Jakarta, my spiritual journey started early when I was 13 as I struggled to understand and live in collective conditionings around me.  I soon began practicing meditation while reading spiritual perspectives from many sources – and it was clear that I was walking the path of the mystic.

Growing up as an adult and being alone on my walk, I was pulled to experience a materialistic corporate, business, lifestyle. Thirteen years passed with great success of achievements but there had always been a lacking within. I knew it was my true heart calling to return to my spiritual roots.

One day I arrived at a state of deeper understanding and higher wisdom. I was able to peacefully let go of my old life and to embrace my truth gracefully. Soon after, I was called to Bali and I honour the Gods and Goddesses in Bali for blessing my presence.

I received my initiation into my Native American lineage as Wakuha in 2011 to live my spiritual new life. Wakuha is  a calling humanity to come back home, to inner self, in a sacred way – and Blueflame, who I recognize as my higher self,  is the first star being made known to me during one of my journeys to the god realms.

The seeds of shamanism inherited from my Indonesian father has been nurtured in such purity and beauty ever since I moved to this island of gods. This has merged with my nature of god presence as the keeper of the interstices of light that interconnects and allows access to all realms and the Source for the purpose of the great evolution. Through many levels of initiation and flowing both in shamanic and angelic realms, I am called Archangelic Shaman. 

When I was 21 I had a health scare and stopped breathing. Christ Consciousness took me to Source, where I merged with the Divine. My life was restored and I returned to my body. Since then, I have known at a deep level that I would always return to my spiritual mission


Please enjoy one of my favorite songs. The lyrics resonate with my story and are accompanied by some of my photography


My Work

I am walking my path, sharing my own way of life through my work in one on one/group session, private group and public workshop.

Transformation occurs in layers of different levels of physical, mental, emotional, karmic and spiritual. I offer several modalities of Meditation, Healing and Teaching, helping you to move deep within yourself, perceive clarity on your challenges, release your blockages, to restore your purity towards wholeness and liberation.

A safe and sacred space is created to allow our work occurred in its most magical and beautiful way. I believe that the time is scheduled and committed the way it has to be for the perfect alignment of all energy involved.

The detailed descriptions of different sessions I currently offer are explained on the next sections.

Basically, if you feel the calling for a healing session, there is an Intensive Healing. For a counseling session, there are Intuitive Reading & Guidance and Soul Evolution Guidance & Teachings

I offer Tibetan Bowls Sacred Meditation and also teach one on one how to use the Tibetan Bowls according to your own need and soul gift. Sacred Geometry Meditation is for those who resonate with activation and higher realms frequency.

I teach Meditation, using Shamatha technique as one of Buddhist meditation practices. If you are on the path of becoming a healing conduit and find yourself in need of guidance, I may support you in Channeling Healing Energy Teachings session.

Wherever you are, it is where you start.

Happy Awakening to ALL !






Healing & Journeying



I currently only offer Intensive Healing (see the next section) for a Healing session. These modalities below are what involve in the Intensive Healing when we come to “Healing the Soul & Restoring Wholeness”



A conscious listening to the body’s subtle rhythms – to allow the release of the cellular memory of blockage that we may not even are aware of – and to let the body’s own wisdom and innate intelligence allow healing to occur. This session may also support you to perceive clarity, regain your inner higher wisdom and to bring back your nature of stillness and silence.

Soul Retrieval

During a traumatic experience, our soul can become fractured into pieces. This distracts our life in a way that triggers feelings of incompleteness, lack, limitedness and fears. This session may support you to bring back these fractured pieces of your lost soul, to restore you into peace and wholeness

***Available for Distant Healing

Akashic Release 

We attract things and people into our lives that trigger our distorted patterns of behaviors and limitation so they can be acknowledged and released. These patterns may be originated by the core wounds of a lifetime recorded in the Akasha. Working on the karmic level, this session may support you to dissolve your distorted patterns by releasing the record so you don’t attract these pattern back into your life. You are then free to create and live the life of your dreams.

***Available for Distant Healing

Chakra  Clearing

Clearing the seven major chakras – base chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus,heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye and crown chakra – which are the vortexes of energy and centers of life force for spiritual growth. The session may support you to dissolve any blockages that you are currently holding in your chakras, clearing the pathway for the energy to flow.  





Intensive Healing

(2 hours – group max of 5/private)


Together with my spiritual partner, Jro Ayu, we offer an intensive healing session for your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul.

Opening & Healing the Heart. Releasing the blockages and healing the trauma that have been preventing you from moving deeper into your heart for you to reconnect and feel the deepest chambers of your beautiful heart.

Restoring the Natural Energetic Flow Within the Body. Releasing the negativity that has been creating blockages within your body and restoring its energy field.

Healing the Soul & Restoring Wholeness. Healing the wounds of your soul that has been fragmented during trauma experiences which may create patterns in your life. Reconnecting you with yourself and Source. Restoring your purity and wholeness.

Perceiving Clarity of the Mind. Space and energy are created to still your mind to allow you to be present and to perceive your inner wisdom. A brief understanding and overview of your journey is given.

Grounding. Integrating and anchoring your gifts, energy and presence on Earth.


***Intensive Healing is originally created for a group session with maximum of 5 participants and it is scheduled weekly (please contact me for your calling to the next schedule). However it is also open for those who would prefer to work on their own or if the group weekly schedule does not work for them.



wakuha blueflame meditation ubud bali

Guidance & Teachings

(one on one/group)


Intuitive Reading & Guidance
(45 minutes – one on one)

Offering you guidance through Intuitive Reading on your life situation and  challenges which may involve your house, family, love, relationship, late beloved ones, health and life path. Flowing freely with what you may need and how the energy aligned at that time, we are open to whatever comes along with it.


Soul Evolution Guidance & Teachings
(1 hour/session – one on one/group)

Sharing presence with you to enable you to go deeper into the root of your current challenges through Self Realization and Awareness to reach the perfect resolution considering your life path – physical, emotional/mental & spiritual healing – patterns & behaviors of limitation –  personal inner growth & journey. Understanding the pathway to consciously engage in your great evolution towards love, joy and liberation.

***Available for Skype sessions


Channeling Healing Energy Teachings
(1.5 hours – one on one/group)

Offering you fundamental teachings to channel the healing energy that naturally comes to your awareness and your being. Being aware of your natural soul gifts, being courageous to reclaim it and being free to relive it. 

Acknowledging the common challenges that may be experienced on different levels at different times for you to gain a deeper understanding of your own process towards perfecting your healing gifts that you will share to the world in its most joyful way.

***Number of sessions needed may depend on your readiness, your own pace to perceive and integrate within.


Shamatha Meditation
(1 hour or 3 hours – one on one/group)

Guiding and inspiring you with the fundamental knowledge and practices of Meditation, using Shamatha technique as one of Buddhist meditation practices. It  includes knowing the right postures, general obstacles to meditation, ways to transform challenges in practicing meditation and how to develop habit of meditation.

Meditation is simply Awareness, a way of watching, observing without any judgments. Meditation supports your inner journey in its deepest way. By not judging what comes to surface, you allow your experiences to flow through without any resistance, to detach from your process that sometimes can be overwhelming and to be present. Only then you give space for clarity, inner wisdom, deeper to arise and you will be transformed in its most natural way.

Meditation starts as a practice to create a new pathway within you until the time comes when it simply become a Way of Life.

***3 hour session is ideal to complete. You may take 1 hour per session or 3 hours in 1 session.


Tibetan Bowls & the Energy Behind It
(3 hours – one on one)

Please refer to Tibetan Bowls Sacred Meditation – Teaching (3 hours – one on one)





Tibetan Bowls Sacred Meditation

(1 hour – group)

A deep state of sacred meditation is invoked and channeled by the celestial tones of the Tibetan Bowls. Time and space diminishes, alters – to allow soul travel to the divine realms – where insight, wisdom and deep healing occurs.  Deep peace, stillness and relaxation allows the body’s own innate intelligence to heal the mind, the emotions, the body and the spirit effortlessly.

***Offering this work for your private group and also currently sharing it at the Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali on Tue & Sat – 8:00pm – 9:00pm


Teaching (3 hours – one on one)

Sharing with you my own way of using Tibetan Bowls as one of the tools for meditation and healing that may resonate with you for your personal intent. You will technically learn how to play a single one and also how to create a harmonious sound in a set of some. I will guide you to create a better connection with your Tibetan Bowl and to find your own unique way to play it for yourself and for others. All is that with your own practice, you will learn to master.






Sacred Geometry Meditation

(1.5 hours per 1 activation – group)

There are immense planetary frequencies now available to those whose hearts are open – and this series of activations enables the ability to receive and make use of these wondrous new energies –  to walk beyond and bypass any remnants of unresolved suffering – and to create and to live the life of your dreams and destiny.

Activations of acceleration will release the core wounds, recurring programs, patterns and behaviours of limitation and suffering that hold you from living a fuller, more fulfilling life – and as the distortions of suffering and sadness shift and release, the wondrous new energies are able to be received to raise your frequency to its greatest capacity through every dimension of your being – heart, body, soul, emotions, mind, will, and embodiment of form.

As we attain the highest of frequencies and learn to live from gratitude, beauty, joy and peace within the life of our dreams  – we create a hologram of reality for the new world that is then possible for all to share and live.

In deepest gratitude, love and highest respect to Astrea Sri Ana – a Divine Channel – for such a beautiful work that I am honored to continue sharing it to the world.

***Offering this work for your private group and also currently sharing it at the Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali on Wed – 3:00pm – 4:30pm.  ***Available for Distant Activation from now to November 2016 (please email me for further information if you feel the calling)






Workshop & Retreat


Private Group

Supporting your private group intent to go deeper into spirituality and true self through knowledge, higher understanding, wisdom and spiritual practices. Sessions may include Meditation, Healing and Teaching which it can vary in terms of duration and agenda according to the energetic alignments needed within the group. Please feel free to contact me for our further discussion and alignment if you feel resonate with my energy and my work and have the calling to have my participation in your private group/workshop/retreat – I am honoured.



Offering public workshops and retreats of “The Journey of Truth and Purity” in  Series of 1) Meditation. 2) Chakra Healing. 3) Seeds of Love. Each series has its own modules. Details are described on the published media  for the event. 







in Truth and Purity

~ Wakuha Blueflame ~

Divine Channel Archangelic Shaman


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