• The trusted spiritual guidance on your journey to finding answers.
  • Learn to be still and arrive at a state of clarity.
  • Awake to full awareness and be free.
  • Experience the new joy of a true rebirth.
Guidance: Wakuha – The Spiritual Guide


Wakuha – The Spiritual Guide

Wakuha is an acclaimed spiritual guide with extensive experience in helping clients on their spiritual journeys since 2009. Touched by her light and energy, many have been positively transformed in their lives.

You will experience true spiritual growth when you trust and allow Wakuha’s insights to help you navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. Be uplifted by Wakuha as she shares her unique gifts and wisdom to guide you on a deeper journey within yourself.

Through Wakuha, you will find the answers you have been seeking and attain the fulfilment you are destined for.

Spiritual Growth Coaching– 90 minutes

Be led by Wakuha’s insights and teachings to experience an authentic spiritual transformation in your life. Wakuha will identify the challenges and negativity that have hindered your acknowledgment of the true self. With clearer and deeper wisdom, you will learn to embrace and connect more with the real you. You can also achieve greater self-awakening and move towards enlightenment through Wakuha’s continuous guidance.

Life Path– 90 minutes

Be guided by Wakuha to walk your path that is waiting to be acknowledged and lived in its most truthful and authentic way.

Mentorship Program

Sign up for continual coaching session with Wakuha to achieve a stable transformation. Learn from Wakuha’s authentic wisdom and practice to apply the right perspective of your real life day to day experiences that bring peace, freedom and contentment.

Be Still and Become - Spiritual Teaching Series

Awaken your inner self through Be Still and Become, a series of in-depth spiritual sessions – The Healing Journey, Life Path, All is Within, The Truth, Self-Awareness, Wholeness, Duality, I, True Freedom – taught by Wakuha. You will achieve clarity and learn to move towards true liberation. Enquire now and experience the deep transformation that awaits you.

Meditation: Closer to Self - Closer to Truth


Closer to Self - Closer to Truth

The core essence of meditation is awareness. It is a state of simply observing and watching without any judgments, expectations and resistance.

Being detached and present at the same time will lead you into stillness. It becomes a space of clarity, tranquillity, infinity and an awakening to your true nature.

Calm Your Mind– 2 hours

Learn the simple and gentle methods of meditation from Wakuha to relax your restless mind. You will achieve greater awareness to be familiar with your own thoughts and calm your mind naturally.

You will also gain the fundamental understanding on what meditation really is and how the practice helps you to have a deeper connection with yourself to know yourself better and to be more kind to yourself to flow with life in ease.

This positive effect will then ripple to those around you and improve the quality of life in overall.

Online Session:

Online Session


From the comfort and privacy of wherever you are, you can receive the exclusive guidance of Wakuha. Seek her advice on any challenges you are facing or on any issues that will benefit from her wise insights. Wakuha can also lead you towards deeper improvement in your meditation or Tibetan Bowls practice. Connect now and allow Wakuha to shed some light onto your path.

Tibetan Bowls: Ancient Sacred Sound Energy

Tibetan Bowls

Ancient Sacred Sound Energy

Tibetan Bowls have been used since ancient times as part of spiritual practices. Tones from the bowls create vibrations and frequencies to invoke sacred spaces for meditation, healings and rituals.

For the enlightened Lamas and Tibetan Monks, the sound of the Bowls was known as a means of transferring teachings and spiritual energy, and getting in touch with the Void, the true nature of reality as ultimate emptiness beyond phenomenon.

Sound Meditation Group Session– 60 minutes

Experience deep peace, stillness and relaxation where time and space diminishes. Your mind, body, emotions and spirit will heal effortlessly.

Tibetan Bowls in Depth– 180 minutes

Learn to use a set of bowls as tools for meditation and healing. You will learn how to choose bowls and play them in a unique way for yourself or a group.

Tibetan Bowls Basic Knowledge– 90 minutes

Get started on a basic introduction of the beauty and the unique sounds of Tibetan Bowls vibrations.

Wakuha - Into the Light:

Group Session

Workshops & Retreats

Wakuha can tailor programmes to suit your specific needs for private and group sessions, Wakuha has extensive experience in organising workshops or retreats.


“After many years of
transformative passage,
I feel so free now. As I continue
to walk my spiritual path towards
true liberation, I wish to
share my presence and
my gifts with you.

Wakuha was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and inherited the spirit of shamanism from her father.

At 13 years old, she started to question about social conditioning and began to practise meditation in search of answers. This marked the beginning of her path towards liberation.

As Wakuha’s spiritual walk deepened throughout her adulthood, she finally left a successful career in response to her calling and fully embraced her spiritual role in 2009.

Wakuha is now a well-regarded spiritual growth coach, drawing wisdom from her inner journey and offering astounding perspectives. As Wakuha continues to share her ever-expanding insights to help others attain true freedom, many clients have benefited from her guidance and experienced immense transformations in their lives.

Wakuha means a calling back home to the true self in a sacred way. Sharing this nature with you, Wakuha wishes you the same. May you always find ways to be who you are and live in your light, purity and truth.

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